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Funny Balloons | Fun & Age Positive Decoration for Adult Women Birthday Party | 8 Pack with Different Phrases (8 Pack White)

Drunk Doll Party Supplies



  • HILARIOUS CONVERSATION STARTER - Guaranteed to get people talking and the party started. Bring a smile to all the party attendees with a sense of humor. Unlike other abusive or naughty balloons, these are safe to bring to the office and are kid friendly.
  • SET THE RIGHT TONE FOR THE PARTY - Not everyone loves getting older but it's better than the alternative. Remind your birthday gal how getting old is not that bad, especially when she is doing it so gracefully. Plus, there is hard evidence that laughter helps you live longer.
  • SPECIAL GAG GIFT - If reminding them how great they look for their age wasn't a gift in itself, these fun party balloons will definitely be imprinted in everyone's memories… forever. That's the best bang for your buck if you ask me.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PARTY BALLOONS - Unlike some flimsy alternatives, these latex balloons stay filled for much longer so the party doesn't end prematurely. Fills up to 12 inches without the letters morphing because we know your friend already has a hard time reading. Keeping them in direct sunlight or in the heat when filled with helium won't make them last long (science!).
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Not happy with your purchase? Message us directly for a full refund, no questions asked.

Details: Try these funny abusive birthday balloons and see how easily the party gets started. Nothing says happy birthday or happy retirement like sharing your true feelings with your friend. Made with high-quality materials durable enough to hold air or helium way past your bedtime. These are a must-have for all fun adult bday parties. 8 pack with the following phrases: "Growing Old Gracefully", "Elderly and Awesome", "Wise, Not Wrinkled", "Menopause Who?", "Gray Hair Nowhere", "Aged Like Fine Wine", "Geriatric and Gorgeous", "No Frown Lines Found".

Package Dimensions: 5.2 x 4.8 x 0.5 inches