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Drunk Doll Cake Topper Funny Decoration Kit (aka Drunk Barbie) (Blonde)

Drunk Doll


The Drunk Doll Cake Topper (aka Drunk Barbie) is the go-to for taking your cake decoration to the next level. Enjoy this unique set to build a hilarious embellishment that leads up to an unforgettable 21st birthday, bachelorette party, or any boozy celebration.

  • CONVENIENT & VERSATILE - Get the perfect scene in one package with a doll that bends at the joints.

  • MEMORABLE - No matter how you decorate your cake, we guarantee you and your guests won’t forget it.

  • INSTA-WORTHY - You and your #squad won’t want to miss the chance to pose and post.

  • REUSABLE - Keep it as a memento or save it for the next party.

  • FOOD-SAFE - Doesn't contain any chemicals that contaminate food but keep small pieces away from children.